Ground Experience Representative


Do you have a passion for innovation? Are you driven by the idea of being part of something powerful? As a Ground Experience Representative (GXR) you have the opportunity to transform the way JetSmarter members travel. The GXR will act as the face of the brand and was designed to create an enjoyable experience for our members as they arrive and depart from flights. There will be a variety of roles within the GXR program; including Boarding Agent, Experience Agent and Shift Lead, each comprised of a specific set of role responsibilities.

To be successful in this role, the GXR must be self-motivated, a pro multitasker, have exceptional interpersonal skills and work well under pressure; all while providing members with white-glove customer service.


  • Act as an accurate and courteous source of information for passengers, taking immediate steps to initiate service recovery when needed
  • Ability to enforce policy and procedure in an audience appropriate manner
  • Develop skillsets, including good judgment, exceptional interpersonal skills and ability to proudly and knowledgably represent the JetSmarter brand
  • Identify opportunities to increase member satisfaction
  • Manage collection and storage of any JetSmarter owned objects and/or equipment utilized at assigned FBOs or aircraft
  • Responsible for ensuring members arrive and depart safely, fashionably and on time
  • Responsible to train, master and perform various roles including Boarding Agent, Experience Agent and Shift Lead
  • As the Boarding Agent, the GXR is responsible for:
    • Greeting members, checking them in for their flight and assisting with luggage handling and escorting passengers to the aircraft prior to departure
  • As the Experience Agent, the GXR is responsible for:
    • Engaging with the members, proactively providing refined luxury service and acting as an informational liaison within the JetSmarter community
  • As the Shift Lead, the GXR is responsible for:
    • Live communication with HQ, ensuring vendor accountability, validating aircraft standards and liaising with the flight crew
    • Designated correspondent in the event of irregular operations, including but not limited to weather activity and mechanical issues
    • Completing and submitting post-flight reports to HQ once the flight has successfully departed

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